Personal Injury

What is bad faith insurance?

If you are hurt and need to make an insurance claim, your hope is that the insurance company will be fair to you and provide you with what you need as you focus on your own recovery. The reality is that an insurance company will be more likely to do all it can to...

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Knee injuries can lead to missed work

Many professions come with a risk of knee injuries -- and people often don’t realize that they are doing things that can damage the structures within their knees until they start to suffer from pain, loss of range of motion, and similar symptoms.  Unfortunately, knee...

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Here’s how you can avoid a ladder fall

Even a fall off of a six-foot ladder can be life-altering. Many people suffer serious brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and internal injuries in these types of accidents. It’s true that higher falls are more likely to be fatal, but don’t underestimate the risk at...

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