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When a birth injury contributes to infant death

You went into labor. You packed your bags and headed to the hospital or birthing facility of your choice. You were nervous but excited to finally bring your little one into the world and into your home. Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong, and instead of celebrating the new life, when all was said and done, you went home to make funeral arrangements. When a birth injury contributes to infant death, parents in Louisiana may have legal recourse.

While labor and delivery is a natural process, it does not mean that it always goes smoothly. It is different for every woman. The actions of medical providers during the labor and delivery process can make all the difference when it comes to the mother and child making it to the end unscathed. Sadly, every year, numerous infants experience birth injuries, and some of them die as a result of these injuries.

Louisiana wrongful death: Man killed in auto-pedestrian accident

A Louisiana man who was trying to do good by cleaning up debris on the road has died. He was apparently struck by a car while performing his good deed. If negligence is thought to have contributed to this accident, the victim's surviving family members may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim in order to seek compensation for their losses.

On Wednesday, May 30, at approximately 3:15 p.m., it was reported that a 31-year-old male was operating his vehicle southbound on US 171 when he noticed debris in the road. He stopped and went about cleaning up the mess. While doing this, an 18-year-old male in a pickup truck hit the man. The victim was rushed to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Louisiana birth injury: Delivery-related skull fractures

The labor and delivery process is tough on mom and baby. Unfortunately, too many babies born in Louisiana and elsewhere do not make it through the process unscathed. When a birth injury occurs, it is normal for parents to question whether it could have been prevented and if their health care providers were responsible. This week, this column will address one specific type of birth injury that can have long-term consequences for a child: skull fractures.

When a child suffers a skull fracture, it means that there was a break in one of the bones that make up the head. This type of injury is usually the result of a sudden impact. However, in terms of the birthing process, skulls fractures may happen if a child gets stuck in the birth canal or medical providers use forceps or other birth assist devices -- among other reasons.

Does talcum powder cause cervical cancer?

Like so many women, you probably thought nothing about using talcum powder. It is on the store shelves, so it must be a safe product, right? Not so fast, talcum powder may be dangerous. Talc is the main ingredient in the powders.  In its natural form talc contains asbestos. Asbestos is a known carcinogen or cancer-causing agent. However, since the 1970's asbestos has been removed from talc-based powders.  But it is still not known how direct the link is between talcum powder and certain cancers.

Louisiana motor vehicle accidents: 2 hurt in recent crash

Police in Louisiana are trying to determine the cause of a crash that left two people injured and the driver responsible dead. This incident occurred in White Castle at the end of May. As is common practice with motor vehicle accidents, authorities are trying to determine if impairment contributed to this incident. 

According to a recent news report, the evening of Tuesday, May 30, a 32-year-old male was operating his pickup on LA 405 when he rear-ended a Ford truck. The force of impact sent the truck into oncoming traffic where it struck another vehicle head-on. The driver of the pickup died at the scene. The drivers of the two other vehicles suffered moderate injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment. Their current conditions are unknown. 

Maritime law: Longshore Act Q and A

Louisiana residents who work out at sea run the risk of experiencing work-related injuries. There is no denying that these individuals work in dangerous environments. Those who do suffer injuries while on the job may be able to access workers' compensation benefits just like most everyone else; however, maritime law is a little different, and the workers' compensation for injuries suffered at sea are covered by the Longshore Act rather than traditional workers' comp laws. This week's column will answer some common questions people may have about the Longshore Act.

Question number one for the week is: Who can utilize workers' comp benefits through the Longshore Act? Basically, anyone who works offshore in a traditional maritime occupation can file claims. This includes oil rig workers, ship builders, ship workers and harbor construction employees -- among various others.

Louisiana truck accidents: 4 killed and more injured in wreck

Louisiana State Police are in the process of investigating a chain reaction crash that left four people dead and many more with injuries. This event is said to have involved two semitrailers and eight passenger cars. As is true for most truck accidents, this collision is one that has far-reaching consequences.

According to news reports, this particular crash occurred Saturday, May 26, at approximately 4 p.m., on Interstate 12. Authorities say that the driver of an 18-wheeler failed to stop for a traffic jam. The semitrailer struck a Lexus and a Toyota SUV. The force of the impact caused those vehicles to collide with several other cars and the 18-wheeler to jackknife and catch on fire. The trucker driver, the driver and passenger in the Lexus and the driver of the SUV all suffered fatal injuries.

Louisiana motor vehicle accidents: 3 killed, 4 injured in wreck

Louisiana State Police are investigating the cause of a crash that left three people dead and four others injured. This particular event occurred in St. Martin Parish, the morning of May 18. In this case, the individual believed responsible for the collision failed to survive. While this happens in many motor vehicle accidents, it does not mean that victims or their loved ones are out of luck when it comes to seeking compensation for their losses.

According to a recent report, an 18-year-old male was driving his vehicle eastbound on LA 96 when he, for reasons unknown, crossed into the westbound lane and struck a small SUV. The young man and one of the passengers in his car suffered fatal injuries. Another passenger in his vehicle was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

How the size of baby's head can lead to birth injury

Throughout a woman's pregnancy, her doctor will measure the fetus' growth. Physicians in Louisiana and elsewhere do this for a number of reasons, but the primary goal is to make sure the baby is growing as it should be and to make sure growth issues will not cause labor and delivery problems. In a report that was released in March 2018, researchers suggest that there is another reason to look at a fetus' size, particularly the head circumference. According to a recent study, the size of a baby's head can contribute to a birth injury, specifically cerebral palsy.

Researchers recently published their findings after studying nearly 5,000 term-born infants. It has been long believed that excessive pressure on the head during vaginal delivery can cause damage to white matter in the brain, causing -- or at least contributing to -- cerebral palsy. The study found that children born with head circumferences on the larger end were more likely to experience such an injury.

How long do I have to bring a maritime claim?

Did you suffer injuries while a passenger on a Louisiana-based cruise ship, charter or other boat while it was either docked or out on the ocean? If you did, you may have the ability to file a maritime claim against the responsible party or parties in an effort to seek compensation for your losses. The key with any legal claim is filing at the right time.

Like all other civil claims, maritime claims are subject to a statute of limitations. This means that there are time limits for how long you have to bring a claim to court. If you miss your window, you are out of luck.

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