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Plaintiffs in birth injury case win record sum

A mother and daughter in another state recently won a record-setting sum in their medical malpractice case. Not all birth injury cases have outcomes such as this. However, this story certainly gives parents in Louisiana and elsewhere who are in similar situations reason to pause and considered their legal options. Certain birth injuries can cause irreparable harm. When medical providers are believed responsible, it's possible to have them held accountable financially.

At the age of 16, the mother in this case was 25 weeks pregnant with her daughter when she was diagnosed as having preeclampsia. Doctors recommended that she have an immediate  cesarean section; however, she refused, choosing to wait so that her daughter would have more time to develop. When she was finally induced, she was in labor for 22 hours. During the time, her child failed to receive adequate oxygen, causing her to be born with significant brain damage. The child has since been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and will require full-time care for the rest of her life.

Wrongful death suit against Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is being sued for the wrongful death of a Louisiana mechanic and generator service technician. According to the claim, the mechanic died from peritoneal mesothelioma as a result of years of asbestos exposure working for Ford.

The mechanic filed an employer negligence claim against Ford but passed away a year later. The mechanic’s family are now the plaintiffs in the suit.

Louisiana truck accidents: Recent crash kills 1, injures 4

Law enforcement authorities are in the process of investigating a recent crash involving a semitrailer that left one man dead and four other individuals injured. This event occurred outside Lake Charles in Calcasieu Parish on July 16. Sadly, it is not uncommon for truck accidents to have outcomes like this.

According to reports, a 34-year-old male was operating an 18-wheeler on the eastbound side of Interstate 10 when he crossed into oncoming traffic and struck a pickup truck and an SUV. Sadly, the driver of the SUV died at the scene -- he was 54 years old. The driver of the pickup -- a 24-year-old male -- required immediate medical treatment and was taken to the hospital. His current condition is unknown.

Maritime law: Is Royal Caribbean responsible for toddler's death?

News of a toddler falling to her death from a cruise ship window, on July 7, has made national headlines. Varying accounts of the event have been shared. Now, the family wants to set the record straight and make sure this kind of thing does not happen to anyone else. The victim's loved ones have sought assistance from an experienced maritime law attorney to help them seek answers and hold those responsible for their loss accountable. The same actions may be taken by those who have experienced injuries or the loss of loved ones while aboard cruise ships that have departed from Louisiana ports.

According to early reports of the incident, the child's grandfather is said to have lost his grip and dropped her while holding her out of a window located 11 stories up in a children's play area. The family says this is not what happened. They claim that the child's grandfather held her up to hit the window, and she fell because the window was not closed. From the grandfather's perspective, it appeared there was glass in place.

Motor vehicle accidents often leave victims with emotional scars

Following a car crash in which one was injured, physical limitations are a constant and often visual reminder of the event and how it affected one's life. What many people do not talk about are the emotional scars that motor vehicle accidents can have on their victims. These are often not seen by others, though their effects on victims can be significant and cause them notable losses. Thankfully, according to the laws of Louisiana, emotional damages may be compensable through a personal injury claim.

It is believed that approximately 9% of auto accident victims develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Most people think of veterans when they think of PTSD, but one does not have to go to war to experience it. Any traumatic event can cause it. The problem comes in identifying it and treating it.

Thinking about filing a wrongful death claim?

If you lost a loved one due to another party's negligence, it is understandable that you would want to know if taking legal action to seek relief would be of benefit to your situation. Pursuing a wrongful death claim is not for the faint of heart, but in some instances, it may just be for the best. If this type of claim is successfully negotiated out of court or litigated in a Louisiana civil court, maximum relief may be achieved that can help you cover your monetary losses and have the funds necessary to seek the assistance you need as you try to move forward.

People die every day in auto-related incidents, work-related accidents and at the hands of medical providers -- among other things. In some, not all, of these cases, negligence is a contributing factor. A few examples of negligence that may lead to such events include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Inaction by medical providers
  • Poor medical decisions
  • Unsafe work environments
  • Lack of appropriate safety equipment

Longshoreman wins nearly $200,000 for workplace injury

Earlier this spring, a Louisiana court awarded close to $200,000 in damages to a man injured while repairing a stern line in 2017. The plaintiff, Andrew Lee Knight, sued his former employer, Kirby Offshore Marine, LLC, for negligence under the Jones Act and unseaworthiness under general maritime law, according to the Louisiana Record. The original calculation of damages was nearly double Knight’s final award, but the court found Knight’s own negligence also contributed to the accident.

Uptick in motor vehicle accidents seen during bridge construction

Road construction is commonly seen in Louisiana and many drivers are to the point where they go through it like it is no different than any other stretch of road. A prime example of this is the I -210 bridge construction in the Lake Charles area. Police say that an uptick in motor vehicle accidents on that stretch of road has been noticed -- some of them involving multiple automobiles.

According to a spokesman for the Louisiana State Police, since the bridge work began the department has been called to investigate over 165 collisions in that construction zone. While some of these accidents have involved two vehicles, a good number of them involve four to six automobiles. Why, in a reduced speed zone, are so many collisions occurring?

Louisiana truck accidents: Pedestrian killed, driver charged

Near the end of May, a box truck driver struck a pedestrian in Metairie. Louisiana State Police responded to the scene and found the victim had suffered fatal injuries. Following truck accidents like this one, the surviving family members of the victims may be entitled to pursue compensation for their losses by filing civil claims against all parties who may be deemed legally responsible -- such as the driver and his or her employer, among others.

According to reports, a 67-year-old male was walking northbound along U.S. 61 when a 24-year-old male driving a box truck hit him. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident. The truck driver was uninjured.

Parents seeking compensation for son's birth injury

In 2015, a couple in another state welcomed a son into their family after a long, grueling labor and delivery process. A number of things went wrong, however, and the child suffered a birth injury that left him with permanent impairments. His parents are now seeking compensation for their losses and his. Louisiana residents who have similar stories may, like this couple, seek relief through legal means.

According to reports, at just over 39 weeks into her pregnancy, the 18-year-old mother was scheduled for an elective induction. There was allegedly no medical reason for the early induction. The woman claims that her cervix readiness and the baby's position were not verified before the drugs to induce labor were started. The induction started at 10:30 a.m., and the baby was not born until 12:27 a.m. the following morning. During this near 14-hour process, the baby experienced heart rate decelerations that indicated he was not tolerating labor, yet no action was taken to address the matter.

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