Pursuing Compensation After A Vehicle Accident

Skilled Lawyers In Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Individuals rely on motor vehicles for nearly every aspect of their lives. Whether it is driving to work, school, day care or the grocery store, our roads and highways are crowded with vehicles every day. When one individual is negligent or inattentive while driving, it can mean disaster for everyone on the road.

At Gaar Law Firm, our Lafayette motor vehicle accident attorneys have extensive experience guiding injured individuals through the legal process. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation to learn about your case options.

Types Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our firm provides legal advice and representation to residents throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast injured in accidents involving any type of motor vehicle, including:

If you need to recover compensation from the at-fault party or are in a dispute with your car insurance carrier, contact a lawyer at our firm. We can listen to the facts of your case and provide an honest evaluation of the obstacles you might face through litigation.

As soon as we accept your case, we will perform a careful investigation of your accident by examining the police report, the scene of the accident and witness statements. By working with industry engineers, accident reconstructionists and medical professionals, we can gain a clear understanding of the factors that led to your accident and the impact your injuries will have on the rest of your life.

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At Gaar Law Firm, we take all of our cases on a contingency fee basis. This means it will cost you nothing to have an attorney on your case. We collect our fee when you collect from the persons responsible for your injuries. Contact us online or call 337-202-2292 today to learn more about our services. Your initial consultation is always free.