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2 common causes of stairway falls

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | Personal Injury

You spend every weekend touring your favorite stores with your family. This has been a tradition for years, and it’s usually a lot of fun and goes by without incident. 

However, your most recent day out is different. You’ve suffered a fall down a stairway, resulting in serious injuries. You’re going to need a long time to recover, meaning that you cannot work and earn a steady income.

What are the most common causes of stairway accidents like this and what can you do about it? 

Inadequate lighting 

The owners of public premises have a duty to ensure that buildings are safe for consumers. Stairways are at the top of the list of priorities. A fall down a stairway can be devastating, and they frequently occur due to inadequate lighting. Cost-cutting and energy efficiency are no reasons to sacrifice consumer safety. There are ways to reduce costs that still leave stairways suitably litten. Customers in public spaces should never be confronted by a staircase where they cannot see what is going on. 

Safety rails

Not only do handrails or safety rails make stairways much safer, but they are also a legal requirement in public buildings in Louisiana. The purpose of these handrails is to guide consumers up and down the stairs safely. They are also a backup if a fall does occur. Mid-fall, a person can grab the handrail and regain their balance, potentially managing to stop themselves from tumbling down the stairs. A lack of a handrail or an ill-fitted handrail means that a stairway fall becomes much worse. 

Your safety should not be sacrificed when you’re out in public. If you have been injured during a stairway fall, make sure you check out your options in terms of obtaining legal compensation