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2 forms of justice you can seek as the victim of legal malpractice

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Personal Injury

An attorney can make a major difference in your legal case. Typically, you expect them to help you to find yourself from criminal charges or hold someone accountable in civil court. Unfortunately, sometimes attorneys fall far short of basic professional standards. 

They might take a client’s case despite having a conflict of interest or allow their substance abuse issues to affect how they perform in court. Legal malpractice
is the technical term for when an attorney’s personal failings are so significant that they no longer meet the basic standard of service for the industry. 

If another lawyer agrees that your attorney should have acted differently and that their actions directly impacted your case, you may have the basis for a legal malpractice claim. What kind of justice can you seek after your lawyer commits an act of legal malpractice? 

You could qualify for an appeal

In scenarios where attorneys make major mistakes or compromise their clients’ legal situation, an appeal may be possible. For example, someone convicted of a criminal offense because of poor representation may be able to secure a new trial because of their attorney’s failure. Typically, to obtain an appeal, there needs to be a direct connection between the attorney’s poor performance and the outcome of the case. 

You can seek financial compensation. You likely paid quite a bit for the representation that failed you so spectacularly. Every lawyer typically carries legal malpractice insurance that covers them if someone brings a valid claim. You may even be able to take the lawyer to court if necessary. 

Holding an attorney who provided inadequate representation accountable can lead to justice and possibly financial compensation for the losses you suffered.