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3 dangers of working as a mechanic 

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | Personal Injury

Many jobs have unique dangers that you won’t see in any other line of work. Part of working as a mechanic is knowing a serious injury could cause them more work and pain for your future. The best way to avoid injuries is to know what dangers a mechanic can expect on the job.

1. Back injuries and pulled muscles

There’s a lot of heavy lifting and forceful actions as a mechanic. Lifting a tire or moving a car part can put a lot of stress on a mechanic’s back, knees and muscles – using the right stance can greatly take the stress off the wrong muscle. 

While eclectic tools are great at reducing strenuous labor, not every tool is right for the job. Some jobs require mechanics to get down and dirty, using the right tool and a little elbow grease, but if a bolt just won’t budge, a mechanic may be putting unnecessary tension on their body, causing them to pull a muscle or worse.

2. Chemical and fume exposure

Cars use all types of fluids to stay in top shape. Many of these fluids can spill onto a mechanic when they start working on them. Some of these chemicals, if exposed to the skin for too long, could be harmful. These chemicals could lead to burns, rashes and irritation

Even if a mechanic isn’t in direct contact with a chemical, there may be lingering exposure in the air. Inhaling toxic fumes could cause respiratory issues. Some respiratory issues could cause lung issues and long-term breathing issues.

3. Burns and explosions

Mechanics work around a lot of flammable solvents that may be left on the floor, on tools, on clothes or on their hands. There may be times when tools spark or there’s a need for torches to finish a job. If a solvent came in contact with an open flame, there could be fires, causing mechanical third-degree burns. 

If you were injured on the job, then you may need to know your options to ensure your injuries and time away from work are covered. While workers’ compensation covers many incidents, there are some situations that may open the door to third-party claims. If your injury was caused by a contractor, a manufacturer or a supplier, you may have a viable claim.