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Your rights when making a flood insurance claim in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2021 | Firm News

Flooding is such a common issue in Louisiana that most standard homeowner’s insurance policies won’t cover catastrophic flooding. You will probably have to buy supplemental flood insurance to protect your home and the property inside it from damage in the event of water incursion.

Hurricanes and even unseasonably heavy rains can lead to flooding and property damage. Whether you have mold after your basement floods or structural damage that requires extensive repairs, you should be able to count on your flood insurance policy to cover and reimburse you as necessary.

You have an obligation to make a timely claim

Although you may want to wait until you have a chance to bring in a professional for an inspection or a repair estimate, filing a claim or at least notifying your insurance company of an impending claim is important.

You will need to provide them with documentation about the extent of the damages on the cost to perform the necessary repairs. As long as you give the insurance company all of the necessary documentation and provide a Proof of Loss, they should make a timely response to your claim and cover your losses as required in your policy.

You should receive a quick response and appropriate coverage

You paid for flood insurance with the expectation that it would protect you from major losses after a flooding incident. Both state and federal law requires that insurance providers pay valid claims in an appropriate and timely manner, usually within 30 days.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies will act in bad faith by denying a valid claim, paying less than they should for covered damages or drastically delaying the resolution to a claim. Recognizing these bad faith insurance practices can help those navigating a complex insurance claim after a property damage loss.