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Oil and gas industry workers face hand and finger injury risks

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2020 | Firm News

There are many hazards that come with working in the oil and gas industry. While you might automatically think about things like explosions and fires, there are many others that might happen. Hand and finger injuries, for example, account for almost half of the injuries in this industry.

One of the primary reasons for the number of these injuries is that these workers perform manual labor. Many of the tasks they perform are near moving components, which makes them incredibly unsafe.

What hazards impact hand and finger safety?

People who work in the oil and gas industry face risks, such as the fingers and hand being pinched, cut, hit, punctured and burned. Many employers mitigate these risks by providing gloves for the employees, but there are instances in which the workers might not be able to wear them.

Properly training employees on how to use the equipment they need to work with can also help. They should always remain aware of where the moving components are and what chemicals they’re working with, so they can avoid them. This training can’t be a once-and-done event. Continuing education and safety reminders are critical for these workers.

What happens when a worker suffers an injury?

The injured worker needs to ensure they get appropriate medical care. This may be an issue for an oil rig worker since it can be a long process to get adequate medical attention on the rig. These workers might opt to pursue a claim for compensation. The method for doing this depends on the basis of the claim, so discuss the circumstances with your attorney to determine what you need to do.