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Daylight saving time causes an increase in car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

Daylight saving time took effect on March 8, and many Louisiana residents are still struggling to adjust to the time change. Springing forward an hour may be something everyone knows to expect this time of year, but knowing it is coming doesn’t make it easy on the body. Daylight saving time is known to cause various problems. It is even known to cause an increase in car accidents.

There are several health problems that researchers have seen, following the start of daylight saving time. First is an increase in blood pressure. Second is a higher rate of heart attacks in the first week of the change. Finally, third is an increase in fatigue. The last one, in particular, may be what contributes to the highest rate of auto accidents seen this time of year, because when people are tired, they make poor decisions when behind the wheel — they may even fall asleep.

There are some things that people can do to make adjusting to the time change a bit easier to bear. One suggestion is to go to bed an hour earlier the night daylight saving kicks in. Another idea is to enjoy a little sunshine first thing after waking. Will these suggestions solve the fatigue problem associated with daylight saving time? Not entirely, but they could help and are worth trying.

The car accidents that occur in the days and weeks after daylight saving time are often severe, if not fatal. Victims of these incidents, or their surviving family members, may suffer incredible losses that can be difficult to overcome without the right assistance. An experienced attorney may be able to assist victims in Louisiana or their loved ones in seeking maximum relief so they can get access to the help they need to move forward.