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When the wrong call results in a birth injury

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | birth injury

You trusted your medical provider to take care of you and your child during labor and delivery. Unfortunately, a questionable call resulted in your child suffering a birth injury that may affect him or her for the rest of their life. When the wrong call results in a birth injury, can parents in Louisiana seek compensation for their losses? Possibly.

When you decided that you wanted a medical provider present for the birth of your baby, you did so because you liked the idea of having someone who is trained to handle any of the complications that can arise during the labor and delivery process. You picked your provider because you trusted their judgment and believed they were qualified to handle any medical emergency that might come their way. Well, something did not go to plan and you feel your provider made a bad judgment call and you and your baby are now paying the price. Is this negligence?

When it comes to medical cases, establishing negligence can take time. Specialist are needed to pour over medical records in order to look for errors that might have resulted from negligent actions. The truth is, sometimes medical providers do everything right and bad outcomes still happen.

Sometimes, negligence is to blame in birth injury cases. If you believe that to be the case in your situation, it is okay to seek legal counsel on the matter. With assistance, it is possible to fully investigate your case and, if deemed appropriate, file legal claims against all those deemed responsible for your losses. Your case may then move to trial in a Louisiana civil court or it may be settled through out-of-court negotiations. To learn how an experienced attorney can help you with your birth injury case, please visit our firm’s website.