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State to pay out judgments in motor vehicle accident cases

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2018 | motor vehicle accidents

When Louisiana residents are hurt or lose their lives in car crashes for which the state is ultimately deemed liable, the victims or their surviving family members may pursue compensation for their losses. This is something many people have done, and monetary judgments have been awarded to them. Unfortunately, a lack of funds has made it impossible for the state to pay out these judgments, until now. Numerous motor vehicle accident cases are finally going to be closed, thanks to the budget plan passed by lawmakers back in May.

According to a recent report, on May 29, lawmakers set aside $42 million to cover over 100 outstanding lawsuit judgments. A lot of the money is going to victims of car crashes or their surviving family members. For some, these judgment payouts have been years in the making, as the state has refused to pay due to budget shortfalls.

When pursuing personal injury or wrongful death claims against the state or anyone else who may be held responsible, one does not think that case completion can take years. It can, though, and that is something for which those who do decide to take legal action need to be prepared. In the end, the wait may prove worth it.

Those in Louisiana who have lost loved ones or suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident can turn to legal counsel for a case review. If there seems just cause to pursue civil claims in an effort to seek compensation for any damages sustained, one’s attorney can make it happen. Through negotiation or litigation, full and fair compensation may be achieved.