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Recovering non-economic damages after motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | motor vehicle accidents

If involved in an auto collision that is another person’s fault, one would expect to achieve damages for any medical expenses, property damage and other financial losses that may result. What about non-economic damages? Following motor vehicle accidents, not all losses experienced by Louisiana residents are tied to money.

After car accidents, it is common for victims to suffer emotional distress. This may be associated with pain and recovery from injuries, the stress associated with not being able to function as one once did or the psychological trauma that often comes from living through a terrible event — among other causes. Emotional distress is very real and very common following auto collisions, and it can negatively affect one’s life.

According to state laws, it may be possible to achieve compensation for any emotional distress stemming from a car accident. One cannot just claim to experience emotional distress, though. To be a valid claim, one must prove that:

  • The distress is constant
  • It resulted from the accident
  • It is medically significant — meaning one achieved a medical diagnosis or required care from a health care provider

Motor vehicle accidents can turn victims’ worlds upside down. The physical, emotional and financial losses often suffered can be a significant burden in both the long and short term. Those who wish to seek relief for any economic and non-economic damages they sustained in car accidents may do so by filing personal injury claims in a Louisiana civil court. Through skillful negotiation out of court or litigation, an experienced attorney can help victims seek maximum compensation for their losses.

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