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Birth injury: things to know

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | birth injury

When preparing to bring a new bundle of joy into the world, the last thing any parent in Louisiana or elsewhere wants to think about is everything that could go wrong. While, technically speaking, child birth is not a medical condition — it is a natural event — a number of problems can occur during the process that result in medical crisis for mom, baby or both. A birth injury can have serious — if not fatal — results.

A birth injury is any physical injury that occurs during the birthing process. Believe it or not, birth injuries are very common — most only causing temporary issues. Babies are more likely to suffer injury during the birthing process if:

  • They are too big
  • They are born prematurely
  • Labor is prolonged
  • They are born in breech position
  • A mother’s pelvis is too small

Birth injuries that are often seen are soft tissue swelling, bruising, facial paralysis, shoulder dystocia and fractures. All of these issues tend to resolve themselves in the days to weeks following birth; however, sometimes, injuries that result in paralysis, low oxygen levels or cranial bleeds can have long-term consequences. In many cases, only time will tell how bad an injury really is and how it will affect the child.

Those in Louisiana whose children have suffered some form of birth injury during the labor and delivery process are likely to have questions. They may want to know who is to blame and if they can seek compensation for their losses. If medical negligence is thought to have contributed to the injury, relief may be sought through legal means. After a case review, and if deemed appropriate, an experienced birth injury attorney can help parents take the steps necessary to seek maximum compensation for their losses.

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