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Louisiana motor vehicle accidents: 1 injured in recent crash

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2018 | motor vehicle accidents

A wrong-way crash in Louisiana has left one individual dead, a man injured and police looking for answers. This event occurred Monday, Feb. 5, on Interstate 10. When motor vehicle accidents are the result of negligent behavior, as it seems to be in this case, victims may pursue compensation through legal means.

It was recently reported that an SUV traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes of traffic on I-10 collided with a pickup truck. The driver of the SUV — whose identity has not been released to the public — was killed in the crash. The driver of the truck — a 30-year-old male — suffered moderate injuries and was flown to a medical center for care. His current condition has not been reported.

This crash caused delays for several hours, as both sides of the interstate were shut down during the investigation. At this time, police are still unclear as to why the driver of the SUV was driving the wrong way on the interstate. The incident is still under review.

When the drivers responsible for motor vehicle accidents die, it can be difficult to get answers as to why such events happened. Police will do their best to find the answers victims need in order to move on with their lives. In this case, investigator findings may help the victim if he chooses to seek compensation for his losses by filing a personal injury claim in a Louisiana civil court. If, with the assistance of legal counsel, this individual can establish that the driver responsible for the collision was negligent leading to the collision, the court may award him a monetary judgment for any damages sustained.

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