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Louisiana admiralty law: Cruise ship passenger injury

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018 | admiralty & maritime law

A recently married Louisiana couple planned a dream cruise for their honeymoon. Unfortunately, their experience was anything but a dream. An improperly treated injury left the husband in bad shape and the couple out a lot of money. Per admiralty law, this couple may be able to seek compensation for their losses.

While their ship was docked for a day, the couple decided to go paddle boarding. In the process, the husband’s feet were both badly cut on coral. As they purchased cruise line medical insurance, they went back to the boat so that he could be treated. Doing so, they found, was a mistake.

The couple was told they had to pay $2,000 in order for the doctor to do anything, something they were not aware of when they purchased the extra insurance. Then, the doctor stitched up both his feet with coral still under the skin and gave the man an antibiotic meant for intestinal issues rather than serious wounds. Approximately two weeks later, the man was rushed to a hospital in Baton Rouge in pain and with a severe infection that required surgery.

Numerous individuals suffer injuries or illnesses on cruise ships every year, and every year many of them fail to receive adequate care by onboard medical staff. This couple, and any others who find themselves in a similar position, may be entitled to pursue legal action in an effort to seek compensation for any resulting damages. An admiralty law attorney in Louisiana can review one’s case and pursue all applicable legal claims in similar circumstances.

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