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Wrongful death and other legal claims filed against fraternity

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2017 | wrongful death

Several legal claims were recently filed against the Kappa Sigma fraternity affiliated with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Just over a year ago, a pledge for this fraternity crashed his car into a pedestrian. The mother of the victim has filed a wrongful death claim against all those believed responsible. Meanwhile, the driver of the car and his parents have also decided to pursue legal actions against the fraternity.

According to a recent news report, this auto accident occurred Nov. 6, 2016. A 20-year-old male fell asleep behind the wheel of his car and struck a fellow student — a 24-year-old male. The victim, who was just weeks away from graduating, died at the scene.

The driver claims that sleep deprivation due to fraternity hazing was responsible for the collision. Authorities agreed, and this individual was not criminally charged for the event. An investigation into the fraternity’s hazing practices was then initiated. The investigation found that sleep deprivation, fighting, alcohol consumption and forced servitude — among other things — were common in the house. The school and Kappa Sigma national headquarters has since closed this particular fraternity.

It is unclear how this case will play out in court. Both the mother of the victim, and the parents and driver involved have a long legal road in front of them. When auto collisions occur, there are often a number of factors that contribute to the events, meaning more than just one person may be held responsible — such as may occur in this case. Louisiana residents who have been involved, suffered injuries or lost loved ones in car accidents may pursue personal injury, wrongful death or any other applicable legal claims against those parties believed responsible in an effort to seek compensation for their losses.

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