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Basics of a negligence claim under Jones Act

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2017 | Boating Accidents

People in Louisiana have many different types of jobs. Some work in offices, some are teachers, some are in construction or other types of manual labor, some work in the service industry and there are many other jobs as well. Many people also work on the ships that travel in and out of Louisiana. This is a major industry in the area and employs many individuals.

These individuals like most other people in Louisiana rely on their jobs to earn income and provide for themselves and their families. However, there are many hazards that are present when working on ships and boats. It is important that the employer as well as other workers are not acting in a negligent to manner in order to help prevent boating accidents and injuries from occurring.

Unfortunately this does not always occur and workers are injured as the result of others’ negligence. To help these individuals pay for the necessary medical treatment and missed time at work attributed to the injury, seamen can bring a negligence action under the Jones Act.

This is special legislation that covers only people who work on ships and can be very valuable for the victim. In order to win a negligence action the worker must prove that the defendant was negligent and that negligence caused the injury. However, it does not need to be the only reason for the injury. If the negligence played even a slight role in causing the injury, the worker may prevail.

Unfortunately there are many accidents on ships that are in and around Louisiana. The victims of these accidents may be put in a difficult position as they try to figure how they will pay the medical bills and how they will earn an income, if the injury prevents them from working. The victim may be entitled to compensation for their injuries though by filing a negligence claim under the Jones Act. This can be a complicated process though and experienced attorneys may be able to help one protect their rights.

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