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A boating accident can be as serious as any car accident

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2016 | Boating Accidents

Louisiana’s lakes and rivers are ideal for boating, waterskiing and fishing. At this time of year in particular, large numbers of people are spending time on the state’s waterways in search of recreation and relaxation. Unfortunately, for those who are injured in a boating accident, a day on the water can turn into a lifetime of pain and disability.

Driving a powerful speedboat requires good judgment and awareness of the rules governing the operation of watercraft. Unfortunately, many boaters operate their craft with a cavalier attitude. Many drink on the water and operate their boats while intoxicated. The result is all too often a tragic collision, an overturned boat or a passenger thrown from the boat.

When two boats collide, the injuries to occupants can be every bit as serious as those sustained in a motor vehicle accident on land. Broken bones, severe head injuries, and neck and back injuries are common. In some cases, victims are paralyzed for life or killed.

When a negligent or intoxicated boater causes serious injuries in an accident, the victim has the right to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. As in a car or truck accident, those who are injured have the right to recover the costs of medical treatment, lost income from missing work, loss of future earning capacity and past and future pain and suffering.

At the Gaar Law Firm, we have extensive experience representing victims of boating accidents in court. We understand the devastating impact boating injuries can have on an individual. We are committed to holding the negligent party responsible and recovering just compensation for the victims. You can find more information about this area of our law practice at our Lafayette Boat Accident Lawyers web page.