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Spring boat accident warns local boaters of possible dangers

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2014 | Boating Accidents

Spring has arrived and Memorial Day is just around the corner. As temperatures rise more Louisiana residents will be getting their boats out of storage and out on the water. However, just as traffic on the roads tends to lead to more vehicle accidents, more boats on local waterways may increase the number of boating accidents experienced this season.

A recent accident on the Calcasieu River drives this scary point home. Two boats, one bass boat and one pontoon boat, ran into each other near the boat launch on Goos Ferry road. Rescuers responded to the injury-causing boat accident and brought the accident victims to dry land. At least one person suffered critical injuries from the accident and several others also sustained less serious injuries.

Boat accidents cause many injuries each year and, unfortunately, some deaths as well. While some accidents result from purely operational errors, others are caused by alcohol consumption, excessive speed or failing to use proper lights at night. The negligence of others can therefore cause pain and suffering for individuals who only wanted to have a peaceful time out on their boats.

At this time it is unclear of who caused this serious accident. An investigation into the collision may yield more information on which party may be at fault. When fault is determined the accident victims may be able to pursue compensation for their damages against the negligent party.

Spring and summer are wonderful seasons in Louisiana and great times of the year to be out on the water. When boaters exercise caution it is easy to have fun. But, accidents are a real part of traversing local waterways, so care and planning can help keep everyone out on lakes and rivers free from harm.

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