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Louisiana couple gets in accident with Bobcat vehicle

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | Car Accidents

There are certainly many hazards that a Louisiana driver may encounter on the roadways. Drivers never know what can suddenly swerve into them or pop out at them while they are driving. Car accidents are not totally avoidable in certain situations.

This is exactly what happened to one Louisiana couple. They were driving their car down a street when suddenly a Bobcat construction vehicle crashed into them. They claim that the driver, who was on duty for his employer, just pulled out right in front of them. The couple believes that the driver failed to survey the area before driving around and recklessly operated the Bobcat.

As a result of the accident, the wife says that she suffered neck, back and head injuries. Consequently, the couple decided to sue for damages. They claim that the driver is responsible for their medical expenses, among other damages.

Damages are an integral part of a lawsuit based on negligence. Damages are actually one of the elements that a plaintiff must demonstrate to be successful in litigation. If there are no damages, a plaintiff cannot proceed.

Several different expenses and injuries can be claimed as damages. In fact, there are both concrete and perhaps more abstract damages. Concrete damages, or those that are calculable, include past medical expenses, wage loss and possible physical damage caused to the victim’s car or other property. More abstract damages usually focus on future damages and can include future medical expenses. A Louisiana resident injured in a car accident should carefully consider and identify all possible damages in order to maximize recovery in a lawsuit.

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