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Louisiana high school baseball team involved in fatal accident

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2014 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Accidents on the Louisiana roadways happen for a variety of different reasons, including traffic law violations and driver negligence. Of course, these are not the only causes of potentially fatal accidents. Sometimes product parts and manufacturing errors can also be a factor.

Issues with a car part may be one of the causes in a recent fatal accident involving the Lafayette high school baseball team. The accident occurred when the team was on its way to a scrimmage. The team was riding in a bus. A car hit the bus head on after the car’s tire blew out, causing it to cross over into the opposite lane of traffic. The accident ended tragically. Four people, who were in the car, died. Thirteen students and their coach suffered minor injuries.

It is unclear what exactly caused the tire blowout. In some cases involving blowouts, a possibility is that there may have been a defect with the tire. In fact, many accidents have been linked to vehicle malfunctions that come from design or manufacturing errors. Victims involved in such an accident may want to consider this possibility and naming the manufacturer or seller of the vehicle or vehicle components, such as a tire, as a defendant in a wrongful death action. Naming this additional party may make it easier for the plaintiff to succeed in the recovery of damages.

In certain types of product liability claims, instead of demonstrating negligence, the plaintiff must focus on whether the product met a consumer’s ordinary expectations. If the product had an unexpected defect, it failed to meet this standard and the plaintiff may be able to recover. The law permits plaintiffs to include all these different claims in a single lawsuit. The goal is to help determine the ultimate cause of the accident and obtain relief from the liable parties.

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