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Bizarre car accident in Lafayette requires driver to be rescued

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2013 | Car Accidents

There are many different things that can pose risks and create hazards for drivers in Lafayette. Sometimes, a crash results from factors beyond a driver’s control, including the actions of another driver. In other situations, car accidents are the direct result of a driver’s own negligence, inattention, or poor driving habits.

A bizarre single-car crash recently occurred in Lafayette when a driver lost control of his vehicle and drove onto a utility pole guide wire. Although police officers at the scene initially did not know what precipitated the accident or caused the driver to lose control, the driver was later arrested for operating while intoxicated. As a result of the situation and location of the car on the guide wire, emergency personnel had to rescue the driver from the car. No injuries were reported.

Although the man in this accident appears to have been fortunate in escaping serious injury, many victims of car accidents in Lafayette are not so lucky. Whether the cause of the accident is road conditions, weather or the behavior of others on the streets, including pedestrians and bicyclists, it is not uncommon for an auto accident to end with a trip to the hospital. The first step after an accident involves determining who is at fault. This is a critical step for victims because it will give them the leverage they need to attempt to negotiate with insurance carries for an appropriate settlement that will cover both physical and property damages.

Unfortunately, however, insurance companies are not always interested in adequately compensating those harmed in an accident. If negotiations reach a standstill, it may be necessary for victims to pursue litigation against the parties at fault in order to recover compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Whether an accident is followed by successful settlement negotiations or a legal battle in the courtroom, an experienced personal injury attorney can help victims attain the compensation they need and deserve by fighting on their side for justice.

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