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Passenger dies after drunk driving accident on Louisiana roadway

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2012 | Car Accidents

Louisiana police are awaiting the toxicology report of a woman who was allegedly a drunk driver in an accident that resulted in the death of her passenger. Drunk driving is a leading factor in car accidents in Louisiana and nationwide. Louisianans must recognize that drunk driving is a real problem and, if they are ever in an accident and alcohol played a role that may be an important fact to highlight in a court proceeding if they intend to seek compensation for their injuries.

A single vehicle accident in which a 23-year-old woman veered off the road and hit a tree may be the result of drunk driving. The woman was carrying one other passenger – a 24-year-old male. When officers arrived on the scene of the accident, they noticed a strong odor of alcohol on the female driver’s breath. Authorities transported both the driver and passenger to a local hospital. The woman sustained only non-life threatening injuries. Her passenger, however, died from his injuries. As result, local police arrested the woman. She faces charges of driving while intoxicated, vehicular homicide and careless operation of her vehicle.

For the families of victims in cases like these, it may be fairly straightforward for them to demonstrate a driver’s liability in order to recover damages in a wrongful death suit. There are many sources to which parties in a lawsuit can turn to demonstrate a driver’s negligence. First, they can request police reports. Authorities who arrive at the scene of an accident often write reports containing helpful evidence, like the officer’s impressions about what caused the accident and whether alcohol or impaired driving was suspected. They may also include information such as tickets issued to the negligent driver for various traffic violations.

Additionally, parties in a lawsuit can also review Louisiana traffic laws for support of their argument that a driver should be held responsible for any injuries caused by their negligence. In drunk driving cases, traffic laws concerning the legal blood alcohol content levels are particularly relevant in a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

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