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Louisiana constructs J-turns to decrease motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2012 | Car Accidents

Construction on Louisiana Highway 90 is finally complete and a new U-turn system has been unveiled — the J-turn. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has built these turns in an effort to reduce the number of car accidents. The J-turns present some new traffic law considerations for Louisiana drivers and will hopefully reduce the instances of negligent and reckless driving.

The J-turn is the new U-turn on Highway 90. There are about 13 of these turns on the highway. Drivers will encounter them between Albertson Parkway in Broussard to Pinhook in Lafayette. J-turns eliminate left turns and prevent motorists from driving straight through intersections. Instead, drivers must turn right and then merge into traffic. They will then be able to make U-turns up the road. The purpose of J-turns is to keep motorists out of oncoming traffic and reduce left turns, situations that cause serious collisions like t-bone crashes. The Department of Transportation also explains that these turns will improve travel times. Driver can avoid red lights and move more smoothly down the highway.

The J-turns present new traffic considerations and hopefully safer roadways for Louisiana motorists. Although the Department of Transportation is confident that these turns will help reduce the number of accidents, the chance of an auto accident is not erased. Drivers must be aware of the new traffic patterns. Obviously a distracted driver or negligent driver may still pose a threat if he or she is not familiar with the new turn. Once drivers familiarize themselves with the J-turn, roadway conditions should improve. As the Department of Transportation predicts, car accidents will decrease and drivers may be able to avoid a more serious injury. Of course, should accidents and injuries still occur, the same laws remain in place to potentially compensate victims and help them recover.

The new J-turns raise new issues for Louisiana drivers. By becoming aware of the new traffic patterns, motorists will hopefully help avoid major motor vehicle accidents and the injuries that flow from them.

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