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Three Lafayette High students survive head-on collision

Three seniors from Lafayette High School are lucky to be alive after a serious car accident on New Year's Eve. The crash occurred when an oncoming car hydroplaned, crossed the centerline, and hit the students' car head on. The airbags in the students' car deployed and they survived. But, all three sustained serious injuries.

One of the three, a varsity cheerleader, suffered fractures in the bones of his foot, requiring the installation of plates. Another student, a piano major at the school, suffered a lacerated spleen and required surgery for a broken collarbone. The third student, also a piano major, fractured both ankles and a wrist and sustained damage to two vertebrae.

Whiplash from a car accident is a serious injury

Whiplash is one of the most common types of injuries sustained in car accidents. Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are thrown rapidly back and forth. This violent motion can cause injury to the soft tissues - ligaments, muscles, nerves and the disks between the vertebrae of the neck. In particularly serious cases, the bones in the neck can be injured.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common cause of whiplash is rear-end car accidents. Many Louisiana residents who have been in a car that was hit from behind know first-hand what whiplash is like.

Injured seamen's right to maintenance and cure under maritime law

Many Louisiana residents make their living on the high seas. It is tough work, and it can be dangerous. Seamen who are injured during their service on a vessel have the right, under maritime law, to recover unearned wages, as well two forms of compensation known as maintenance and cure.

When a seaman is injured and no longer able to serve on the vessel, he or she loses not just wages but the room and board that was provided on the vessel. Maintenance is financial compensation for the loss of this room and board. The maintenance rate is somewhat low, usually in the range of $20 to $30 per day. Maintenance payments commence when the seaman departs the vessel, not when the injury occurs. When the seaman attains maximum medical cure, meaning additional medical treatment will not result in an improved medical condition, the right to collect maintenance ends.

What is the most time a truck driver can travel without rest?

A previous post on this blog discusses the serious hazard driver fatigue causes on Louisiana's highways and other roads. For instance, a fatigued truck driver can start taking on the driving of habits of someone who is drunk or buzzed. Not surprisingly, fatigued driving is a contributing factor to fatal accidents, including fatal truck accidents.

Although not everyone who drivers a commercial vehicle is necessarily subject to these rules, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has strict "rest rules" that many drivers, as well as the trucking companies for whom they work, must make sure to follow.

Fighting for fair compensation for brain injury victims

In recent years, many people in Louisiana and around the country have become more aware of the serious nature of head injuries. This is in part due to news reports about the long-term effects of concussions on professional football players.

But football is far from the only cause of traumatic brain injuries. Many people suffer serious brain injury in car accidents. When the head strikes a dashboard or steering wheel with sufficient force, the fragile structure of the brain can be damaged.

New data shows decline in drunk driving accident deaths per mile

Drunk driving has long been a primary cause of traffic deaths and serious injuries in Louisiana and around the country. This is inexcusable, as those who have become intoxicated have options other than getting behind the wheel of a car. They can ride with a designated driver, wait until they sober up or simply not drink to the point of intoxication in the first place. However, some new statistics provide some reason to be optimistic that the carnage may have peaked.

According to new data released by the federal government, in 2014 -- the latest year for which statistics are available -- drunk driving rates in the U.S. hit their lowest rate in 13 years. According to the data, 15.3 percent of people in the U.S. admitted in 2002 that they had driven drunk in the past year. That number fell to 11.1 percent in 2014.

What types of damages can be recovered from a negligent driver?

In Louisiana, when a person is injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver, that person may be able to pursue monetary damages through a personal injury lawsuit. But what exactly are the types of damages that can be recovered?

In a case involving serious injury, past and future pain and suffering is often one of the primary categories of damages. There is no set formula for a jury to apply in determining the amount of compensation for pain and suffering in any given case. The size of the award will depend a number of factors, including how severe the injury is and the extent to which the pain will continue in the future. Emotional distress or mental anguish can also be recovered when the plaintiff has suffered a serious physical injury.

Drunk driving poses threat to everyone on the road for NYE

Well, here we are. New Year's Eve is this weekend. Whether you live in Louisiana, Michigan, Maine or Washington, Americans throughout the country will be celebrating the holiday with cheers and champagne. While a majority of Americans will be responsible and will either not drink, find alternative modes of transportation, or have a designated driver, there will still be a few irresponsible drivers out there who get behind the wheel while intoxicated, and will jeopardize everyone on the road with their negligence.

Protecting your rights when injured by a driver without insurance

It's bad enough to be injured by a careless or negligent driver. It's even worse for the injured party when he or she finds out the driver who caused the wreck did not have insurance. Driving without insurance is illegal in Louisiana. Unfortunately, there will still be people who ignore the law and remain uninsured.

When an uninsured driver causes a wreck, the injured victim may be left wondering how they will pay for their medical expenses and cover their lost wages. They may worry that they will never receive fair compensation for their physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Louisiana laws take aim at distracted driving

Distracted driving due to smartphone use has become a scourge on the roads and highways of Louisiana. To fight this growing menace the Louisiana Legislature has passed a number of laws designed to keep drivers' attention on the road.

Texting and driving is one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving, because it simultaneously takes a driver's hands, eyes and attention off the task of driving. Like many other states, Louisiana has enacted a complete ban on texting behind the wheel. Texting and driving is a primary offense in Louisiana, which means it can be the sole reason for a traffic stop.

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