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Strong Advocates For Those Injured At Sea

Anyone injured on a boat or a ship should speak immediately to a Louisiana admiralty attorney who specializes in maritime and admiralty law and protecting the rights of injury victims. Most personal injury lawyers never have to incorporate maritime and admiralty law into their practices, whereas Louisiana admiralty attorneys spend their careers practicing at the intersection of personal injury law, admiralty, and maritime law — putting them in the perfect place to advocate for those injured at sea.

Were You Injured While Working At Sea?

Every job has its risks: even “safe” jobs like working as a typist can lead to severe repetitive motion injuries. But working at sea, as part of the United States Merchant Marine, can be particularly dangerous. Sailors, seamen, and professional fishermen put themselves at particular risk of the following:

  • Back injuries from hauling and lifting
  • Head injuries from slips and falls
  • Hand and arm injuries from ropes and cuts
  • Injuries or even drowning from collisions or severe storms
  • Injuries from heavy machinery and lines and chains under tension

Congress long ago recognized the importance of a robust merchant marine. In 1920, in addition to protecting the U.S. marine industry, Congress enacted laws to protect seamen working in that industry-the Jones Act.

How Our Experience Can Help You Assert Your Claim

If you work at sea and suffer an injury, contact an admiralty attorney in Louisiana immediately to help guarantee that your employer abides by Jones Act obligations. More than a simple workers’ compensation approach, the Jones Act requires your employer to pay wages and transportation while you remain at sea, even if you are too injured to work, and to pay the cost of room and lodging, maintenance and the cost of all medical treatments necessary to get you back to work cured or until you reach your maximum medical improvement.

Congress also wanted to put seamen and sailors in position to force vessel owners and operators to maintain safe vessels and well-conditioned equipment. As a result, maritime injury attorneys in Louisiana can help you sue your employer for negligence or for unseaworthiness. If your employer permitted even the slightest negligence, or allowed either ship or crew to go to work while unfit for their duties, you may receive a large cash settlement or verdict under the Jones Act.

Work With A Proven Maritime Injury Law Firm

At the Gaar Law Firm, in Lafayette, we have more than four decades’ combined experience representing sailors and seamen in Louisiana. Admiralty and maritime law is one of our prime areas of specialization, and we have a long history of successfully representing injured seamen. Contact us today for a free consultation.