Pursuing Compensation After A Vehicle Accident

Pursuing Compensation For Car Accident Injuries

Have you been seriously injured in a car accident in Louisiana? You may be entitled to significant compensation, so it is important to speak with an attorney who can detail your specific options.

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What Types Of Injuries Did You Suffer?

A car accident can result in serious injuries to the driver and passengers. Our attorneys represent individuals who have suffered all types of serious injuries in traffic accidents in Louisiana:

Who Is Responsible For Your Injuries?

If you have had the misfortune of being involved in a car accident, speak with a car accident attorney in Louisiana right away. We can aid the process of determining who is responsible for your injury. Factors Louisiana car accident attorneys consider include:

  • Local traffic regulations
  • Weather conditions
  • Both parties’ cellphone usage
  • Both parties’ sobriety

Any Louisiana car accident lawsuit will also depend heavily on the police report, on accident reconstructions and on the testimony of eyewitnesses.

Who Will Pay Your Medical Bills?

Basically, whoever caused the accident also pays the bills, with some exceptions. You may have to pay your deductible and health bills until your case is resolved. In the long run, the at-fault party’s insurer will pay your deductible and health costs. If the other motorist did not carry any insurance or enough insurance, your insurer may pick up the slack. And if the accident occurred while you were acting as an employee, workers’ compensation should pick up the tab.

At any rate, your best course of action after an accident is to speak with a Louisiana car accident attorney about determining liability and insurance coverage. Insurers do not usually volunteer to pay the full cost of your medical bills or property damage without some additional lawyerly persuasion.

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