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Injuries From Electrocutions, Burns And Explosions

Burns, explosions and electrocutions can arise in a variety of circumstances.

For example, defective products can cause a house fire, a construction accident, a drilling rig explosion or other offshore accidents. They may also occur as a result of a variety of factors:

  • Violations of applicable codes, standards or recommended safe practices
  • Defective products or combinations of defective products
  • Minimal or no consumer information on the safe handling and use of propane or natural gas or sources of electricity.

At the Gaar Law Firm, our experience in representing individuals and families who have suffered from fires, explosions and electrocution has made us sensitive to the life-altering nature of these type accidents. With the number of individuals working on offshore oil rigs and involved in inland and offshore drilling in Louisiana and Texas, explosion related burns and death are unfortunately prevalent. Electrocution accidents also continue to be a major cause of deaths in construction and industry.

How Our Record Of Results Can Benefit You

Our attorneys fight hard for victims of such accidents. In one case, our client received second- and third-degree burns over 70% of his body after an electrical contact accident. Our Lafayette, Louisiana, lawyers took the case to trial twice and gained a $4,250,000 jury verdict for our client. Legal representation in a case involving a serious fire, explosion or electrocution in a residential, commercial or industrial setting requires a Louisiana trial lawyer with experience and resolve. We know what it takes to determine the cause of the accident and find the responsible party.

Contact A Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

At the Gaar Law Firm, our lawyers charge you no attorney’s fees until we win you money. With law offices in Lafayette, Louisiana, we help people throughout Louisiana and Texas. Many of our clients come from the Louisiana parishes of Ascension, Lafayette, Calcasieu, St. Mary, Iberia and Lafourche.

Our experienced trial lawyers are proud to help victims of fire, explosion, and electrocution injuries get the money they need for any necessary treatment. If you or your loved one has suffered any type of burn injury because of someone else’s negligence, contact a Lafayette personal injury attorney at Gaar Law Firm set up a free initial consultation.