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Extreme weather in the Gulf and the injuries that come with it

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Personal Injury

Louisianans are accustomed to warm, steamy summers, oysters, crawdads and Mardi Gras. But, in getting back to the weather, residents also are well-aware of extreme and dangerous conditions that may come with a violent thunderstorm, tornado or hurricane and tropical storm. The destruction caused by such extreme weather can be everlasting and life-threatening.

Residents felt the wrath of the recent one-two punch of Hurricanes Laura and Sally in August and September – always considered hurricane season in this part of the country. At least 14 people died as a result of Hurricane Laura, and hundreds more sustained injuries directly related to the storm and its aftermath.

Fallen tree limbs, flying debris and car accidents

The powerful force of a hurricane is something no one wants to experience. It can transform a calm and idyllic surrounding into a natural disaster nightmare. Personal injuries can vary from fractures and severe lacerations to traumatic brain injury. But extreme weather is not the only threat. The aftermath brings plenty of dangers, too.

Here is what can occur in extreme weather situations:

  • Falling trees and tree limbs can prove dangerous, causing serious and mortal injuries.
  • Flying debris, sometimes, strikes people causing head and spinal injuries as well as severe lacerations.
  • Floodwaters can contain sharp objects such as broken glass, rusted metal and dangerous debris.
  • Floodwaters filled with bacteria can cause infections to wounds, leading to a potentially serious medical situation.
  • Motor vehicle accidents, usually caused by angst-ridden motorists attempting to escape, can lead to untold injuries. The strong winds and rain may contribute to an accident. Flooded roads and non-working traffic lights also are major hindrances.
  • Falls from ladders occur while homeowners prep and shutter their houses before a hurricane hits. Injuries may include severe fractures and internal bleeding.

Many Louisianans understand the dangers that come with extreme weather. Always prepare for upcoming storms, keep a calm head and know that this weather will not go away.