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When a birth injury contributes to infant death

You went into labor. You packed your bags and headed to the hospital or birthing facility of your choice. You were nervous but excited to finally bring your little one into the world and into your home. Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong, and instead of celebrating the new life, when all was said and done, you went home to make funeral arrangements. When a birth injury contributes to infant death, parents in Louisiana may have legal recourse.

Louisiana birth injury: Delivery-related skull fractures

The labor and delivery process is tough on mom and baby. Unfortunately, too many babies born in Louisiana and elsewhere do not make it through the process unscathed. When a birth injury occurs, it is normal for parents to question whether it could have been prevented and if their health care providers were responsible. This week, this column will address one specific type of birth injury that can have long-term consequences for a child: skull fractures.

How the size of baby's head can lead to birth injury

Throughout a woman's pregnancy, her doctor will measure the fetus' growth. Physicians in Louisiana and elsewhere do this for a number of reasons, but the primary goal is to make sure the baby is growing as it should be and to make sure growth issues will not cause labor and delivery problems. In a report that was released in March 2018, researchers suggest that there is another reason to look at a fetus' size, particularly the head circumference. According to a recent study, the size of a baby's head can contribute to a birth injury, specifically cerebral palsy.

Louisiana birth injury: intracranial hemorrhage

Those individuals in Louisiana who are getting ready to welcome new babies into their homes do not like to think about everything that can go wrong during child birth. It is a natural process, but it can also be a dangerous one for some individuals. Many women turn to medical providers to get them through it with a healthy, happy baby at the end of it all. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a birth injury to happen. Depending on the injury, the child could lose his or her life or suffer consequences that last a lifetime.

Birth injury: things to know

When preparing to bring a new bundle of joy into the world, the last thing any parent in Louisiana or elsewhere wants to think about is everything that could go wrong. While, technically speaking, child birth is not a medical condition -- it is a natural event -- a number of problems can occur during the process that result in medical crisis for mom, baby or both. A birth injury can have serious -- if not fatal -- results. 

The link between birth injury and a child's mental health

During labor and delivery, things can happen that put the baby's health at risk. Sometimes, babies suffer injuries that can affect their lives forever. A recent study out of another country has actually linked a specific birth injury to mental health issues. Those in Louisiana whose children suffered brachial plexus injuries during the birth process may be interested in this study's findings.

How long do I have to file a birth injury claim?

Labor and delivery day is a day filled with excitement and worry. Most parents cannot wait to finally meet their little babies, but they are obviously concerned about the physical process and making sure both mom and baby come out of it healthy. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for mom and baby to suffer some sort of birth injury in the process. If this happens and it is the result of medical negligence, how long does the state of Louisiana give to file legal claims in order to seek compensation?

Louisiana birth injury: Cerebral palsy facts

Numerous children across the country, many right here in Louisiana, are born with or acquire cerebral palsy every year. For some, this is the result of a congenital defect; for others, it may be the result of a birth injury. What's the difference, and what can parents do if medical negligence turns out to be the underlying cause?

Birth injury lawsuit nets $40 million verdict

Birthing a child is serious business. Many parents in Louisiana and elsewhere depend on the expertise offered by medical staff in order to ensure their children are brought into the world safely. Unfortunately, sometimes, medical providers make mistakes; these mistakes can lead to a birth injury that can affect the child and his or her parents for the rest of their lives.

Birth injury can often be avoided

The labor and delivery process is difficult on both a mother's body and the body of the sweet infant trying to enter the world. While many people in Louisiana and elsewhere will say it is a natural process, one that a woman's body knows how to handle without help, sometimes that really is not the case. Birth injury can often be avoided with the right help at the right time.

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