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Compensation for injuries under Longshore Act

Many people in Louisiana go to work each week in order to earn an income. This income is a necessity for many so they can pay for food, their home, clothing and other necessities. However, if the person is injured and unable to work, they will not be able to earn this income, and meeting one's monthly needs may become very difficult. However, the person may be entitled to pursue compensation if the injury occurred at work.

Who is covered by the Longshore Act?

Ships come and go from the shores of Louisiana every day. There are major ports that are very busy and important to international commerce. There are also many people needed to work on the ships and in the industry even if they are not actually working on boats. This type of work can be very strenuous as well and utilizes heavy machinery to do much of the necessary work. There are inherent dangers and many workers are injured at work each year in boating accidents.

Basics of a negligence claim under Jones Act

People in Louisiana have many different types of jobs. Some work in offices, some are teachers, some are in construction or other types of manual labor, some work in the service industry and there are many other jobs as well. Many people also work on the ships that travel in and out of Louisiana. This is a major industry in the area and employs many individuals.

Requirements for reporting boating accidents

There are many bodies of water in and around Louisiana. These bodies of water are used for both business and recreation by many people every day. Therefore, there are many boats of all different sizes and types on the water each day. The more boats that are on the water though means that there is a greater likelihood of there being a boating accident as well. The drivers of the boats are human and humans make mistakes. Unfortunately some of these mistakes can lead to severe injuries for those involved in the accidents.

Rules for boating in Louisiana

There is a lot of water in around Louisiana and many people enjoy boating every day. It can be a great recreational activity. Boats are also involved in the commerce in the area and transport goods and people in and out of the ports. Boating for the most part is a safe activity, but if rules are not followed and people are not paying attention, it can also lead to serious accidents. Some of these boating accidents also result in serious injuries to the people involved in them.

Drinking and boating can result in criminal charges and accidents

Many people in Louisiana own boats or know people who do. Boating can be a fun way to relax on the water for people of all ages. However, boats are not simply toys for people's amusement. They need to be controlled and driven correctly; otherwise, the boater is putting both themselves and others on the water in danger. That is why it can be dangerous to operate a boat while intoxicated.

Legal help in filing a boat injury claim based on the Jones Act

Since Louisiana has such a thriving maritime industry, there are certain protections that people who work as seamen have available to file a claim after injury. The Jones Act is in place so a lawsuit can be filed against an employer to receive higher compensation than what would be available under other laws. Maritime law allows workers in this industry to utilize the Jones Act. Alternatively referred to as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, this lets a worker who was injured file a lawsuit against an employer for negligence while they were working.

Injured seamen's right to maintenance and cure under maritime law

Many Louisiana residents make their living on the high seas. It is tough work, and it can be dangerous. Seamen who are injured during their service on a vessel have the right, under maritime law, to recover unearned wages, as well two forms of compensation known as maintenance and cure.

What is an unseaworthiness claim under maritime law?

When a Louisiana maritime worker is injured on the job, there are two main theories under which the employer and the vessel owner can be held liable. One of these is the Jones Act, a federal law which allows the seaman to bring a negligence action against the employer. The other is the older maritime law doctrine of unseaworthiness.

Attention to safety can prevent a boating accident

Recreational boating has long been a popular activity in Louisiana. Whether one is out on the water fishing, waterskiing or just relaxing, boats and boating are central to many people's lives. But, boating comes with some risks, and a boating accident can result in serious injuries or death. Fortunately, many boating accidents are preventable if boaters follow some basic safety tips.

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