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Dedicated To Helping Injured

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Gaar Law Firm‘s Louisiana Personal Injury Blog

Seeking benefits after a workplace accident

After you’re hurt on the job, it’s important that you are able to get the compensation you need to seek medical care and support yourself as you recover. Depending on the type of worker you are and the circumstances of the accident, there may be one of a few ways that...

The risks of working on an oil rig

Working on an oil rig can be a very lucrative career, and it is an industry that will always have a lot of demand. It is also a tough job, however, and workers face a lot of different risks. The first step to avoiding injury or even death while working in such a...

What to watch out for when driving near trucks

When you see the carnage a truck crash can cause, it is easy to paint truckers as the bad guys or girls. Yet many are far better drivers than your average car user. While it is right to be cautious sharing the road with trucks, it is essential to understand how truck...