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The ins and outs of filing a lawsuit following a birth injury

No matter how many preventative measures birthing facilities in Louisiana take, birth-related injuries still happen, and they happen more often than people think. If a mother or a child is harmed due to the actions or inactions of medical providers, compensation for any losses sustained may be sought through legal means. This week, this column will address the ins and outs of filing a lawsuit following a birth injury.

Plaintiffs in birth injury case win record sum

A mother and daughter in another state recently won a record-setting sum in their medical malpractice case. Not all birth injury cases have outcomes such as this. However, this story certainly gives parents in Louisiana and elsewhere who are in similar situations reason to pause and considered their legal options. Certain birth injuries can cause irreparable harm. When medical providers are believed responsible, it's possible to have them held accountable financially.

Parents seeking compensation for son's birth injury

In 2015, a couple in another state welcomed a son into their family after a long, grueling labor and delivery process. A number of things went wrong, however, and the child suffered a birth injury that left him with permanent impairments. His parents are now seeking compensation for their losses and his. Louisiana residents who have similar stories may, like this couple, seek relief through legal means.

New safety standards to prevent birth injury and death proposed

As wonderful as the United States is, and for all the technology and medical advances available here, it is amazing how many women suffer injuries or death due to problems during or after labor and delivery. New safety standards have been proposed that, if properly implemented, have the ability to save numerous families from the physical, financial and emotional trauma that often accompanies a birth injury or birth-related death. What are these new standards, and how will they help Louisiana families?

Who is responsible when a birth injury occurs: mom or hospital?

Bringing a baby into the world, for most parents, is a joyous, albeit stressful, occasion. There is always the hope that labor and delivery will go smoothly, and mom and baby will leave the hospital healthy. Unfortunately, in Louisiana and across the country, numerous moms suffer injuries during the birth process, and some end up dying. A birth injury victim or -- in the event of fatality -- her surviving family members may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses if hospital negligence occurred. Sadly, many hospital administrators are blaming birth injuries on moms rather than taking accountability for their employees' actions.

Birth injury victim? You may hold the following responsible

Women in Louisiana who have experienced personal injury during the birthing process, or parents of children who suffered injury or death during labor and delivery, likely have a lot of questions about what went wrong. No one expects results like this. Everyone hopes that labor will go well and the end result will be a beautiful, healthy baby. It is common to question if one's birth injury was preventable. If thoughts that it may have been born out of negligence exist, it may be possible to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

When a midwife's actions contribute to birth injury or death

When pregnant and preparing to bring a child into the world, the medical care a woman receives during her pregnancy and during labor and delivery matters. Not all women want the full hospital birthing experience. Some prefer home births or a least prefer to have a midwife rather than a doctor at the delivery. In Louisiana, can midwives be held responsible if their actions contribute to birth injury or infant death?

When the wrong call results in a birth injury

You trusted your medical provider to take care of you and your child during labor and delivery. Unfortunately, a questionable call resulted in your child suffering a birth injury that may affect him or her for the rest of their life. When the wrong call results in a birth injury, can parents in Louisiana seek compensation for their losses? Possibly.

Family in another state wins birth injury lawsuit

A family in another state recently won a substantial settlement in an injury/medical malpractice lawsuit. This case was all about a birth injury and holding the hospital and its staff responsible for the damage caused to a now 9-year-old boy. Parents in Louisiana with children who have suffered injuries during labor and delivery may, like this family, pursue compensation for their losses as well.

A child's birth injury affects the whole family

If you are one of the numerous parents in Louisiana whose child was injured during the delivery process, you know all too well the impact that event has had on your life. You know full well that the birth injury did not just affect your child's life -- it affected your whole family. You may be entitled to seek compensation for your family's losses as well as for the damages experienced by your child.

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