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Louisiana maritime law: Injured in an offshore crane accident?

Many Louisiana residents work out at sea, as living on the coast the jobs are plentiful and they usually pay pretty well. Unfortunately, they are also very dangerous. If you work on an oil platform, heavy equipment and machinery are all around you. Sometimes equipment fails or human error occurs causing employees to suffer injuries. When it does maritime law can help injured workers fight for fair and full compensation.

Maritime law: Longshore Act Q and A

Louisiana residents who work out at sea run the risk of experiencing work-related injuries. There is no denying that these individuals work in dangerous environments. Those who do suffer injuries while on the job may be able to access workers' compensation benefits just like most everyone else; however, maritime law is a little different, and the workers' compensation for injuries suffered at sea are covered by the Longshore Act rather than traditional workers' comp laws. This week's column will answer some common questions people may have about the Longshore Act.

How long do I have to bring a maritime claim?

Did you suffer injuries while a passenger on a Louisiana-based cruise ship, charter or other boat while it was either docked or out on the ocean? If you did, you may have the ability to file a maritime claim against the responsible party or parties in an effort to seek compensation for your losses. The key with any legal claim is filing at the right time.

Louisiana maritime law: common oil rig accidents

Quite a few Louisiana residents spend time working on oil rigs out in the Gulf of Mexico. There is good money to be made in these jobs. If the oil companies are doing everything right, working conditions should be good. Unfortunately, some find working conditions to be quite hazardous, and human error can occur, causing some workers to experience injury or even death. Maritime law protects these workers and their families should they need to seek compensation following an oil rig accident.

The dangers of truck accidents that involve hazardous materials

Louisiana residents have seen them -- big semi-trailers with hazardous materials signs plastered all over them. Ever think of what would happen if these big rigs were involved in truck accidents? Know someone who has been injured in an accident carrying hazardous materials? The outcomes can be pretty devastating.

Louisiana maritime law: Injured while on a charter boat

For fun, you and your friends decided to charter a boat for a day with a full crew at your service. You believed the crew experienced and the boat seaworthy, as the company you rented through has received good reviews. Your trip started out well enough and you were enjoying some of the many beautiful waterways that Louisiana has to offer. Unfortunately, your trip came to an abrupt and rough end when your boat was involved in an accident, and you and your friends suffered injuries. If this sounds even remotely close to a situation you've found yourself in, a maritime law attorney may be able to help you.

Louisiana admiralty law: Cruise ship passenger injury

A recently married Louisiana couple planned a dream cruise for their honeymoon. Unfortunately, their experience was anything but a dream. An improperly treated injury left the husband in bad shape and the couple out a lot of money. Per admiralty law, this couple may be able to seek compensation for their losses.

Admiralty and maritime law: The Jones Act Q and A

Quite a few Louisiana residents spend their lives working out at sea. While the jobs can be good and the pay great, the laws that protect such employees are a little different than the laws that protect those who work on land. This week, this column will address a few admiralty and maritime law questions in regard to The Jones Act.

Louisiana admiralty and maritime law: drillship worker killed

Quite a few Louisiana residents work in the oil industry. Many of them have very dangerous jobs -- particularly those who work on oil rigs and drillships. Recently, a worker on a drillship was killed in an accident. Under admiralty and maritime law, his surviving family members may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

Louisiana maritime law: Boating accident claims a life

A boating accident in Louisiana has left one person dead and several others injured. This incident is said to have occurred near Bayou Segnette. The surviving victims of this tragic event, as well as the family members of the deceased, may turn to an attorney with experience in personal injury, wrongful death and maritime law in order to seek compensation for their losses.

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