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Miscommunication could lead to serious workplace injuries 

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Personal Injury

Miscommunication is common on a fast-paced, chaotic job site. Workers may not get the information they need, they may think that someone else knows something that they’ve never been told or they may just be confused with the instructions they have been given.

There are many reasons that this happens. In some cases, workers are nervous about asking for clarification and they’re not sure how it would be taken, so they just assume they know what they need to know and move forward in a dangerous manner. In some other cases, workers may not know what exact words to use or what specific jargon means, especially if they’re new to the job. But no matter what happens, miscommunication can be a huge problem.

How an accident could happen

One example of how an accident may occur is if two workers are installing an electrical system. One of them needs to cut the power so that the other can install a new device. If the worker doing the install thinks that the power is out but it is still on, he could be seriously injured by an electrical shock, or he could even be electrocuted.

Another example is if there was poor communication regarding when it is time to use heavy machinery or a vehicle. Visibility is not always clear with large vehicles, so workers use spotters. If the driver thinks that the spotter told them that it’s safe to back up when there’s actually a worker behind the vehicle, that could result in a catastrophic accident.

Workers need to get compensation

When workers do get injured on the job, especially when they’re life-altering injuries, they need to make sure they know how to get proper compensation. Workers’ compensation can be an important asset.