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5 pieces of dangerous, heavy equipment on construction sites

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Personal Injury

Ask anyone, and they’ll likely mention the construction industry as one of the most dangerous industries. What makes it so dangerous, you might ask? It has to do with the heavy equipment that many contractors work around on these sites.

Do you think you could name the most dangerous types of heavy equipment? You might be able to name some, but do you know the full extent of the dangers that each poses?

Excavators, bulldozers and backhoes

Each of these poses different dangers in their own right, but they also share some commonalities, especially in terms of the injuries that they may cause. Each of these pieces of heavy machinery has metal platforms or pieces that can easily strike individuals if an operator isn’t well trained or paying attention. It’s also possible for an operator to strike a power line, resulting in an electrocution or fire. This heavy machinery can flip over, crushing someone underneath or inside as well.


Construction workers often use these to lift heavy loads high up in the air. One danger that these pose is if the load isn’t properly secured and comes loose, crashing onto people beneath. Cranes also often sway with the weight of the load that they’re carrying or in inclement weather, such as on a windy day. The cranes may come topping down, or the load may collide with a nearby building (with people inside in the process).

Dump trucks

The biggest danger associated with dump trucks is its operator not checking to ensure no one is around before dropping their load. There are, however, cases in which individuals have been hurt because the hydraulic hoses that are supposed to aid in pulling up and down the trailer malfunction, striking power cables while up or crashing down quickly, crushing individuals in the process.

What factors resulted in your accident?

Manufacturers have a responsibility to produce well-designed and safe heavy equipment. Construction company owners have a responsibility to adequately train their staff, enforce rules and maintain their equipment. If someone’s failure to uphold their responsibilities resulted in your getting hurt, then you may have a valid compensation claim on your hands.