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Car accident claims in Louisiana: What types of compensation can you claim?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2021 | motor vehicle accidents

If you have recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, the compensation you’re eligible to receive will depend on several factors.

Before calculating your losses, you need to consider the severity of your injuries, the long-term impact of the accident on your life, any costs associated with your property damage and other losses.

If you’re facing a mountain of bills during an already stressful situation, here’s some information you can use.

You’re entitled to both economic and non-economic damages

Economic damages are those that can easily be assigned a monetary value, while non-economic damages cover things that are harder to quantify, like your pain and suffering. You can ask for both in your claim.

Medical expenses may be one of the major costs following a motor vehicle accident. Compensation associated with medical expenses can account for payments towards hospitalization as well as the care you may need going forward. These could include additional doctor appointments, mobility assistance devices and medication.

If you can no longer work thanks to your injuries, you may be eligible for lost wages. Lost wages can also include your lost earning potential as a result of your injury. For instance, if you are paralyzed following an auto accident, you may seek compensation for earnings you would have been able to make if you hadn’t been in the accident. 

The pain associated with your injuries may last for months or even years after an accident, and you deserve compensation for what you have already suffered and may yet still endure.  

Several factors come into play when determining the value of a car accident claim in Louisiana. That said, relying on what your insurance company claims your case is worth is never wise.