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Knee injuries can lead to missed work

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Personal Injury

Many professions come with a risk of knee injuries — and people often don’t realize that they are doing things that can damage the structures within their knees until they start to suffer from pain, loss of range of motion, and similar symptoms. 

Unfortunately, knee injuries can be devastating to the worker. They may require extensive medical care and some people may have to take off work while the knee heals. 

How can workers protect their knees?

Workers can protect their knees by using the correct tools for the job. This includes using personal protective equipment, such as knee pads. Anyone who has to kneel for work should make sure that they take the time to stretch their knees periodically. This reduces the chance of cumulative trauma injuries. 

While it’s often tempting to ignore knee pain, you never should. Cumulative trauma injuries usually produce very minor symptoms at first. Those get progressively worse as the damage to the knee increases. It’s never normal to have knee pain, so be sure to pay close attention to how your knees feel so you can address problems while they’re still minor.

What if your knee injuries have gotten serious?

Workers’ compensation can help to cover the cost of any medical care related to workplace knee injuries. When workers can’t return to their jobs right away, it can also provide partial wage replacement and other benefits.

While workers’ compensation is supposed to be a straightforward system, it doesn’t always operate the way that it should. If you’re having trouble getting your benefits after a workplace injury, you may need to speak to an attorney.