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Dedicated To Helping Injured

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Avoid a serious truck crash by recognizing these 3 dangers

| Oct 6, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Living in Lafayette, you share the roads with drivers in large, commercial  trucks. You know that they do their best, but every driver could make mistakes that put themselves or others at risk.

The truth is that driving a semitruck isn’t as simple as it is to drive a smaller passenger vehicle. Driving those big rigs requires specialized training and a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

There are some common issues that truck drivers run into that could cause serious collisions. As a driver of a much smaller vehicle, you should also know about these problems so that you can put space between yourself and a larger truck if you see indications that anything might go wrong.

Below are problems that can contribute to or cause dangerous wrecks:

  1. Improper cargo loading

One big issues is improper cargo loading. If you notice that the cargo is swaying or that the trailer isn’t staying in lane, put as much space as you can between you and the truck, either by falling back and reducing your speed or passing them quickly. If the cargo shifts, then the entire truck could jackknife or crash.

  1. Poor vehicle maintenance and equipment failure

Another issue that people may notice is poor vehicle maintenance. If you see that the vehicle looks rundown, that’s a problem. If you see a tire blow or a part coming loose, you can try to get the driver’s attention to let them know or give the vehicle plenty of space.

  1. Inclement weather

Finally, inclement weather is always a concern. If the weather is very windy, it could push around the trailer on the truck, so be cautious about staying next to the vehicle.

These are some tips that may help you avoid a serious crash with a large truck. If you are hit, then you may want to consider making a personal injury claim.