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Watch out for these hazards on the road this fall

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Car Accidents, motor vehicle accidents

Compared to other seasons, most people consider the driving conditions in autumn to be close to ideal. In the fall, drivers don’t have to anticipate the impact of sweltering heat, heavy snowfall or icy conditions on their vehicle. However, while driving in autumn may seem benign, the season also poses some unique dangers to drivers.

To stay safe on the road this fall, here are a few common road hazards unique to the season:


Watching the leaves change colors on the trees is perhaps the best part of autumn. However, when leaves cover the roadways, it can lead to disastrous outcomes. For example, wet leaves can be just as slippery as ice and cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Piles of leaves can also conceal bumps or potholes in the road and cause you to hit something that may damage your vehicle.


Driving in the fall means you’ll likely be commuting in less light when Daylight Savings Time ends. Less visibility while driving puts you at greater risk of getting into an accident. Be sure to drive at safe speeds that allow you to stop in time if you encounter a road hazard.


Driving in foggy conditions also decreases a driver’s visibility and puts them at risk of getting into a crash. When temperatures drop in the fall, the chance of fog increases. If you encounter fog, drive with your low beams on for the best visibility.


Fall is deer mating season, so there’s a good chance you may encounter a deer or two while you’re driving the streets. Deer are most active during dawn and dusk when it’s usually dark outside. Be sure to stay especially alert for roaming deer this time of year.

Autumn is a beautiful season, but it isn’t without its risks. When it comes to driving this fall, follow these safety tips to keep you and your passengers safe.