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Several lives already lost in boating accidents this year

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2020 | admiralty & maritime law

Boating is a favorite pastime of many Louisiana residents and visitors to the state. Unfortunately, it has also proved to be a dangerous one. So far in 2020, seven people have lost their lives in boating accidents.

Recently, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement participated in Safe Boating Week. Its staff worked diligently to remind boaters to be responsible and safe when out on the water. This means boats should be in good repair and have all safety gear aboard, and the operators should be properly trained.

Another thing the LDWF made sure to shine a light on was drinking while boating. Numerous boating accidents occur every year due to people operating their vessels while intoxicated. In fact, this a leading cause of boating-related fatalities. Those guilty of boating while intoxicated may lose their driver’s licenses and boating privileges, and they may have to pay fines or even spend time behind bars, among various other penalties. It just isn’t worth it.

Those who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones in boating accidents in Louisiana may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses. These types of personal injury or wrongful death claims are handled a bit differently than those filed for accidents that occur on land. For this reason, anyone who wishes to seek damages following a boating crash may want to seek out an experienced maritime attorney for assistance handling their case. Under the right circumstances and with the right help, compensation for economic losses, such as medical bills, funeral expenses and loss of income, along with noneconomic losses, such as loss of consortium, post-traumatic stress disorder, and pain and suffering, may be achieved.