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Wrongful death: Did you lose a loved one in a pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | wrongful death

Every year, far too many Louisiana residents are killed in auto-pedestrian accidents. The surviving family members of the victims are often left devastated, not only emotionally but financially as well. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one in a pedestrian accident, know that relief may be available to you. Under the right circumstances, you may seek compensation by filing a wrongful death claim in civil court.

All drivers know they have a responsibility to be on the lookout for pedestrians; unfortunately, knowing and doing are two very different things. The sad reality is most drivers are operating their vehicles while distracted or intoxicated or simply with reckless abandon. Pedestrians who are often in plain sight get hit as a result. As the human body is not meant to withstand the full impact of an automobile, numerous victims end up losing their lives.

The untimely death of a loved one is something most people are not financially prepared for. Funeral expenses, medical bills and lost income, among various other potential losses, can add up quickly. The stress of having to deal with that on top of trying to grieve your loss may, understandably, be overwhelming. You should know that if driver negligence contributed to the accident, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation for your monetary damages, but also those losses that are non-economic in nature.

The idea of pursuing a wrongful death claim in a Louisiana civil court may be too much for you on top of everything else you are dealing with. Many of these cases never actually make it to court, however, and are settled through private negotiations, which may seem a more appealing route. Legal counsel can help you with that process. If negotiations prove ineffective and your case does end up going to trial, you can take comfort knowing that an experienced attorney can assist you and work diligently to help you achieve maximum relief for your losses. To learn more about how legal counsel can assist you with a wrongful death claim, please visit our firm’s website.