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Did a delayed C-section contribute to your child’s birth injury?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2020 | birth injury

Every soon-to-be parent in the state of Louisiana wants one thing, and that is for his or her child to be born healthy. Unfortunately, there are several reasons as to why this does not happen for everyone. It is impossible to control congenital abnormalities that may arise during fetal development, but it is possible to control various outside factors that often contribute to birth injuries. For example, a delayed cesarean section often results in birth injury. Knowing this, why do medical providers put them off?

A C-section is supposed to be used as a last resort when bringing a child into the world. It was initially intended to be used for emergencies only. Today, medical providers run in two groups: those who grant every patient request for a C-section and those who try to avoid them at all costs. There are disadvantages to both of these trains of thought; however, those who wish to avoid them may fail to see signs that they are necessary or put them off as long as possible to the point where mother and/or baby suffer harm.

Some women simply cannot make it through vaginal birth. Their babies may be too big, may not have appropriately turned, may be in distress or may be multiples — among other things. Mothers themselves might be in distress. Waiting to perform a C-section for any of these reasons can cause an infant to experience a lack of oxygen, which can result in brain injuries or a number of physical damages, such a broken bones, fractured skulls and nerve damage. Children who suffer such injuries during birth may experience various developmental delays, pain or other physical problems for years — if not the rest of their lives.

If you believe that a delayed C-section contributed to your child’s birth injury, you may be entitled to seek compensation for any resulting losses that the state of Louisiana deems legally recoverable. Legal counsel can investigate the matter and, if appropriate, assist you in filing claims against the medical providers or facility believed responsible. To learn more about how legal counsel may be able to help you seek maximum relief, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.