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Who can be held responsible for maritime injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | admiralty & maritime law

Louisiana has hundreds of miles of coastline. As such, numerous residents and visitors to the state spend a great deal of time working or playing offshore. Unfortunately, every year, several people suffer injuries while doing so. When maritime injuries occur, who can be held responsible?

If you are one of the many Louisiana residents who works in shipping, fishing or oil, and you suffered an injury on the job, there are specific laws that have been passed to protect you. These laws act as workers’ compensation for maritime workers. You can read more about these laws by visiting our firm’s website. Your employer may also be held accountable for your losses, as may any of your co-workers who contributed to your injuries.

If you are a Louisiana resident or visitor to the state who was hurt in a boating accident or as a cruise ship passenger, the vessel owner may be held accountable for your losses. If you think you have a claim, you only have three years in which to pursue it. So, the sooner you seek assistance with your complaint, the better.

Maritime injuries are a big deal. Victims can suffer immensely — physically, emotionally and financially. These losses are not anything they should have to shoulder alone, particularly if another person’s negligence is to blame. Maritime injury cases are handled a bit differently than workers’ compensation or personal injury cases. As such, having an experienced maritime injury attorney at your side as you fight for relief is strongly advised.