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When a single-vehicle crash claims a passenger’s life

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | wrongful death

Fatal motor vehicle accidents are, sadly, all too common in Louisiana and elsewhere. When they occur, the surviving family members of the victims may seek compensation for their losses if negligence is suspected of having contributed to the event. Despite what some people may think, this is true even if your loved one’s life was lost while as a passenger in a single-vehicle crash.

A driver is responsible for every person in his or her vehicle. Passengers may be there willingly, but they are not in control. They depend on their drivers to get them to their destination safely.

Single-vehicle collisions happen for several reasons. The driver may have been drunk, speeding or distracted — among other things. The road traveled may have been in bad shape or is known to be dangerous. The vehicle itself may have been defective in some way, either due to a manufacturing issue or shoddy maintenance work. If any of these reasons are believed behind the loss of your loved one’s life, you may file civil claims against the individuals thought responsible.

If driver negligence was the issue and the driver failed to survive the incident, you may feel that you have no options for seeking relief outside of filing claims with an insurance provider. This is not necessarily true. You may also be able to seek relief by filing claims against the driver’s estate.

A single-vehicle crash that results in fatality is a horrible thing, and recovering from such a loss can prove challenging. While monetary compensation cannot bring back the life that was lost, it may help you and your family cover the unexpected expenses that follow such an event. This would allow you to spend your time grieving rather than stressing about your finances. If you are interested in pursuing civil actions, a Louisiana-based attorney with experience handling wrongful death claims may be able to help you do so. To learn more, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.