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Wrongful death: Crash at intersection claims life of 1

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2019 | wrongful death

When a motorcycle is involved, a collision that could otherwise lead to little more than minor damage to each vehicle could have disastrous consequences. Motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles run a higher chance of leaving a rider with serious or even life-altering injuries. A recent collision in which a driver failed to adhere to a traffic sign at an intersection has led to the apparent wrongful death of a 39-year-old motorcycle rider in Louisiana.

Authorities responded to reports of the incident at around 5 p.m. on a recent Monday. According to reports, the crash occurred when the driver of an eastbound vehicle failed to observe to a stop sign prior to entering an intersection. The motorcycle rider was reportedly unable to react quickly enough to avoid collision and crashed into the vehicle shortly thereafter.

Law enforcement agents advised that none of the occupants within the motor vehicle suffered injuries in the crash. Unfortunately, the rider of the bike suffered fatal injuries, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. They have also advised that an investigation into the incident is underway and that failure to yield appears to have been the primary cause.

Collisions involving motorcycles can have cataclysmic results. Those who suffer the loss of someone close due to another party’s negligent actions may wish to exercise their rights to pursue restitution and they could choose to retain the services of an attorney for assistance in navigating the process. An attorney can examine the incident, along with the financial needs of a client in Louisiana, and assist him or her in pursuing the full amount of restitution entitled through a wrongful death claim.