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Motor vehicle accidents and soft-tissue injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

When involved in a car accident, even if it seemed like a minor event, it is normal to walk away feeling sore, particularly in the neck and back areas. This pain may go away in a short period of time, or one might find that it lingers and increases in severity as the hours, days and weeks go by. The simple truth of the matter is, victims of motor vehicle accidents often experience soft-tissue injuries that can cause long-term problems. Those in Louisiana who have suffered such damages may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

A soft tissue injury is, by its most basic definition, damage to the body’s soft areas — such as muscle, ligaments and tendons. These injuries may show up as bruising, strains and/or sprains. One might experience soreness, stiffness and swelling — among other things.

There are many types of soft-tissue injuries. The most common following a car accident, though, is whiplash. This type will cause a person to experience significant pain in the neck and back. It is even possible for a person to have cognitive issues as well.

Seeking treatment for soft-tissue injuries as soon as possible is advised, even if one thinks that the pain is reasonable under the circumstances. It is always better to get diagnosed and treated rather than wait it out. Waiting increases the chance that the injury will get worse.

Soft-tissue injuries can cause a person a great deal of pain, which can have an extremely negative impact on his or her life. Not only can such damages make it difficult for one to work and therefore provide for him or herself, but they can also make it challenging to enjoy various aspects of one’s personal life. In other words, the cost of such injuries is high. Those who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents in the state of Louisiana and have experienced soft-tissue injuries may seek relief by filing civil claims against the parties deemed responsible for their losses. With legal assistance, maximum relief may be achieved through negotiation or litigation.