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Less danger does not mean no danger

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Personal Injury

E-cigarettes (E-cigs) have been out for a little while now. Also known as e-vaporizers, vape pens and electronic nicotine. E-cigs are battery powered devices which heat liquid solutions, until they become a vapor and used for inhalation.

Initially thought of as a fad, their use has only increased over the years. But that increase in use should come an increase in scrutiny. Are E-cigs all they are made out to be?

Why people use E-cigs

The increased usage behind e-cigs comes from the younger generation such as middle and high school students, along with the young adult population. Some reasons people use e-cigs are:

· They believe it is safer than other drugs

· They’re using it as a replacement for cigarette smoking

· Close friends or family members are using e-cigs

· E-cigs offer many different flavors, such as mint, strawberries, etc.

· Many venues allow e-cigs versus cigarettes

Harmful chemicals in E-cigs

Many view e-cigs as less harmful. But “less” harmful does not eliminate the possibility of personal injuries. E-cigs contain dangerous chemicals disguised as a “cool” trend. Some of those chemicals are:

· Nicotine: highly addictive substance

· Propylene glycol: used to make antifreeze

· Acetaldehyde and formaldehyde: known to cause cancer

· Benzene: found in car exhaust

· Acrolein: herbicide used to kill weeds

Harmful health effects of E-cigs

These chemicals not only contribute to the deterioration of lung functions, but also slow and inhibit brain development. In cases of pregnant individuals, their unborn babies are also facing similar developmental effects. Harmful effects also result from using the equipment along with intaking its contents. Some health conditions and bodily injuries brought on by e-cigs are:

· Shortness of breath

· Chest pain


· Burns to the body

· Damage to eyes and teeth

E-cigs are not as harmless as people may think. They pose risks both inside and out of our bodies. While research is still being conducted on the topic, the negative effects are not going unnoticed.