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Maritime law: Is Royal Caribbean responsible for toddler’s death?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | admiralty & maritime law

News of a toddler falling to her death from a cruise ship window, on July 7, has made national headlines. Varying accounts of the event have been shared. Now, the family wants to set the record straight and make sure this kind of thing does not happen to anyone else. The victim’s loved ones have sought assistance from an experienced maritime law attorney to help them seek answers and hold those responsible for their loss accountable. The same actions may be taken by those who have experienced injuries or the loss of loved ones while aboard cruise ships that have departed from Louisiana ports.

According to early reports of the incident, the child’s grandfather is said to have lost his grip and dropped her while holding her out of a window located 11 stories up in a children’s play area. The family says this is not what happened. They claim that the child’s grandfather held her up to hit the window, and she fell because the window was not closed. From the grandfather’s perspective, it appeared there was glass in place.

Royal Caribbean has stated that they have offered the family access to its care team to get the grief assistance that they need at this time. The company is refusing to comment any further on the situation. The family is hoping to gain access to the video footage of the event in order to determine who may be held responsible. They want to know why windows in a child’s play area could be opened and who opened it. Hopefully, they will get the answers they are looking for and compensation for their losses.

Going on a cruise is supposed to be a fun getaway. No one expects tragedy to strike. Unfortunately, every year, numerous individuals are hurt or killed while aboard cruise ships, in incidents that are, most often, highly preventable. Those who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones while aboard Louisiana-based cruise liners may seek compensation for their losses if negligence is believed a factor in their cases. A maritime law attorney can investigate the matter and, if appropriate, assist victims or their surviving family members in seeking maximum relief.