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Uptick in motor vehicle accidents seen during bridge construction

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

Road construction is commonly seen in Louisiana and many drivers are to the point where they go through it like it is no different than any other stretch of road. A prime example of this is the I -210 bridge construction in the Lake Charles area. Police say that an uptick in motor vehicle accidents on that stretch of road has been noticed — some of them involving multiple automobiles.

According to a spokesman for the Louisiana State Police, since the bridge work began the department has been called to investigate over 165 collisions in that construction zone. While some of these accidents have involved two vehicles, a good number of them involve four to six automobiles. Why, in a reduced speed zone, are so many collisions occurring?

Investigators believe that, despite signs being posted for construction zone speed, people are driving through this area too fast. They also think that drivers are failing to maintain safe following distances from the vehicles ahead of them. Another concern is that many drivers are simply not paying attention. The Louisiana State Police ask that those who drive through this area to please, slow down and pay attention so that everyone can make it safely across the bridge.

Single or multi-motor vehicle accidents can cause devastating losses. Regarding the collisions in this particular construction zone, it is unclear how many of them resulted in injury or death. Those who have suffered injuries or the loss of loved ones in collisions on or near the I-210 bridge due to other drivers failing to drive appropriately through the road construction may be entitled to seek compensation for any legally recoverable damages. An experienced attorney can review one’s case and, if appropriate, assist one is pursuing a claim in a Louisiana civil court.